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So for my bath bombs, bubble bars, bubble salts and milk baths all use ingredients that are very similar so will explain below what each ingredient is, how it is sourced and the benefits it brings to the table.  I make sure to choose natural ingredients, ethically sourced and cruelty free.

List of ingredients, in no particular order, and not all 4 products above have each of these ingredients but most are common.  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Natrasorb, Cream of Tartar, Buttermilk Powder, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Polysorbate 80, Carrier Oils, Lake Colorants, Mica Colorants.

Baking Soda

Also known as Sodium Bicarbonate.  The type of Baking Soda I use is Food Grade, which means you can use it to cook, you can use it in your drinks and in baking.  The other type of Baking Soda out there is a "cleaning" Baking Soda.  Mind you, you can definitely use the food grade Baking Soda to clean with but I would not recommend to cook with the Baking Soda that is for cleaning purposes.  It is just not made the same way so it will not be edible.  Now Baking Soda has some wonderful properties for the skin it is considered to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  It is said it has wonderful effects on Acne, Blemishes, and because it is also considered an astringent it may help with large pores.  Now please do note I am not a medical professional so please do consult one, this is NOT medical advice whatsoever.

As with anything in life, please, if rash/irritation occurs discontinue use of any product and consult a physician.  Please keep all body products away from young children, these items are definitely NOT edible, although some may look it, they definitely are not.

Citric Acid

I also purchase the food grade version of this ingredient, now you can find naturally produced citric acid in fruits and vegetables.  But the kind we use for bath bombs, bubble bars, bath fizzies, fizzy bath salts is not derived from that source.  This food grade citric acid is manufactured and used by homes and restaurants extensively as a food and beverage additive.  Now if you ask me, if "I can eat it then why can't I bathe in it", I do know that this ingredient gets a very bad rap and all because people hear the word "acid" and automatically have negative thoughts. 

But trust me, all of us, including you have ingested this more than we know so it is safe to soak in occasionally!!  Definitely not daily, but once a week why not, I do it!!!  It is beneficial to the skin if used in cosmetics, such as bath bombs, it is said that it has protective antioxidant and corrective anti-aging effects, once again no guarantees and this is not a diagnosis nor a prescription but these are the natural properties it possesses.  Always check with your doctor if irritation or redness occurs and stop using any product causing this.


Also known as tapioca starch, this product is just a bath powder, it has been modified to absorb large quantities of oils, I use it to carry and keep the scent I add to my products.  It will carry the scent in dry pockets, hold them in the bath bomb and when it comes in contact with water it will release the scent, so the product does not lose any scent and will smell nice longer than products that do not use Natrasorb.  It is a naturally derived product, this product is also known for absorbing oils from the skin, helping control shine and providing a matte finish.

Cream of Tartar

I use food grade cream of tartar, the kind used in restaurants and homes to stabilize egg whites or act as a leavening agent in baking.  Now in bath products it is used to activate the baking soda and give us that fizz we love.  In bath bombs it helps in hardening them so they do not break.

Carrier Oils

Now there are many different oils that can be used in the cosmetic, bath and body industry.  I will create a whole new post to explain about which oils I choose to use, their benefits and why I chose those oils to add to my products.

Essential Oils

I can go on for days talking about essential oils, I absolutely love them.  They have many benefits not just aromatic.  I will go in to a lot of detail on this subject on day soon as well.

Fragrance Oils

These are fun scents, crazy scents and some scents I would never use well just because who wants to smell like tobacco, this is just one example.  I will also dedicate a blog entry to these oils in the coming future.


A great subject that also deserves it's own entry and I promise to work on one for you.  I do use top grade colors that will not stain your bathtub, your body or your children :-)

On this note, I will sign off for now, I do hope you enjoyed my first blog entry and are enjoying my site.  Feel free to comment or contact me if I can be of any help.

Cheers & Namaste


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